Who Am I?
My name is Kieran and I am a queer trans (genderfluid) 
polyamorous person of color who lives in New York City. I am studying/training to become a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) with a desire to work with marginalized populations, including communities of color, LGBTQ communities, youth and individuals dealing with substance abuse issues and trauma. I am dedicated to a postmodern client-centered therapeutic approach, cognitive-behavioral interventions when needed, harm reduction, wellness and therapy as a collaborative effort between the therapist and client.

The Purpose of This Blog:
I initially set up this blog to be a place where I could vent about the misinformation regarding gender and sexuality being spread in my undergraduate and graduate programs and in the mass media (I will still use the blog for this purpose). Recently, I have realized that there is inherent power inequality in terms of access to information. Unless someone is connected to a research institution (i.e. a university), they do not have access to academic journal articles and various databases. "Lay" people are generally left in the dark when it comes to current and accurate information and are forced to rely on "professionals" for information. I think this is more than unfair and creates an unequal power dynamic between these two groups. I want to use this blog (and my current increased access to information) to share, spread, and critique gender and sexuality-related information with the general population.

Feel free to send questions and/or topic ideas to and follow this blog on Twitter: SexMiseducation for updates and other information!